June 2010 – News & Updates


Dave Linton of ATL Tree Service in Readfield spent several days at the Union Meeting House trimming trees that were growing too close to the building. His donated services are much appreciated!

By now nearly everyone in Readfield has probably received a letter from the Union Meeting House announcing the commencement of its 2010 membership campaign. Since the mid-1980s practically no maintenance or restoration has taken place and so the building faces a number of serious challenges. If you wish to see it continue into the new century please consider becoming a member. We especially appeal to businesses in town for their assistance. The address to contact us is below. We are pleased at the number of Readfield residents and summer visitors who have responded already.

Those who have driven by the Brick Church have noticed a big change in the trees on the north side. They had grown so large and thick that that blocked sunlight and hindered the wind providing ventilation on that side. As a result moss was growing on the brick, which is not good for it and the dampness was accelerating the rotting of the 182-year-old windows sashes. Thanks to Dave Linton of ATL Tree Service the evergreens were trimmed and a large oak overhanging the roof was cut back. If that branch had broken off in a storm it would have done severe damage. The Board of the Meeting House thanks Mr. Linton for his several days of labor, which he donated at no charge. It is gesture such as this that encourages the Board to push ahead to try and save the building.
We are seeking very careful workmen to restore two of the window casings and sashes in the Church. Since the building is on the National Register of Historic Places only qualified persons should apply.

In April The Board and Advisory Board members did a clean-up of the outside and inside of the Church to prepare it for the upcoming summer season. Flowers were planted and the grounds look much better. There is a wedding scheduled in June and a Quaker Memorial service in July. If you want to book the Meeting House for a wedding, concert or other function let us know well in advance.

The Board also thanks Advisory Board member Joy Bonnefond for bringing some working from Kents Hill School to aid in the clean-up. It also thanks Rev. Karen Munson of Torsey Methodist Church, also on the Advisory Board, and Mrs. Tamara Stockwell, school librarian, for having students help with the membership mailing mentioned above. Their help is appreciated.

The Union Meeting House is seeking a careful, meticulous person to restore two windows at the Church. He/she must be able to replace glass, glaze, scrape,prime and paint both
sashes and casings. Some careful woodworking skills required. May lead to further
window work. Must be insured, give references and show examples of
previous work of this type. Call 685-4537.

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