August 2010 ~ News & Updates

This spring an examination of the apse at the rear of the Brick Church revealed that bricks were falling out of the top northwest corner. If this was allowed to continue
the roof would have no support at that point. In addition it was found serious cracks had developed over the two windows and that all the mortar was badly eroded. Bids were solicited and the winning contractor, Jon Jennings of Forgotten Stoneworks in Manchester and Hallowell, was retained to do the work. The Board of Director of the Brick Church is extremely pleased with his professional work, completed a few weeks ago, and now the apse is in good condition. However, this was an emergency, unexpected repair that was not budgeted and forced the Board to dip into its funds at a time when the money was earmarked elsewhere. Help the Union Meeting House restoration. Become a member. Call 686-4537 for more details on how you can assist the church.

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