November 2011 Updates

The warm fall allowed the Board of the Union Meeting House to complete a few projects before the snow flies. When the re-grading of the entire lot by Reay Construction took place it was necessary to remove the “hump” of an old septic system that was allowing rain water to drain back under the foundation. When the dirt was taken away the handicapped ramp no longer fit. To follow Federal guidelines the ramp had to be extended to provide the proper pitch for handicapped persons.

The contract was put out to bid and James & Wheeler, local builders, submitted the low bid. They did the work, using pressure-treated lumber, in early November and the finished product meets everyone’s expectation. Thank you, Nathan and Jason. Chris Dumaine of Mt. Vernon had earlier rehabilitated and painted the original part of the ramp and he will do the same for the new addition next spring.

The Board hopes that everyone has driven past the Meeting House to see the attractive new sign. Mr. Dumaine will also stain the sign posts in the spring. Thanks again to Reay Construction for the installation of the sign as a donation to the UMH. Inside, all the splintered and rotted window sills have been repaired and repainted.

This fall the Board commissioned two steeplejack firms to study the building’s steeple. Their reports confirmed earlier studies done previous years – there is substantial rot through the entire steeple and the large hole at the top of the dome is causing havoc as the rain water enters into the top of the steeple. We’ll be reporting in more detail in a coming Messenger on what they found to be the problems. The cost will be enormous. Be prepared for sticker shock.

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