August 2013 Update

The Hooked Rug Exhibition on August 10th 
was well attended throughout the day.

The two events during Heritage Days weekend at the Union Meeting house were a great success.  Both the Hooked Rug Exhibition and the evening concert by the Maranacook String Band and the Sandy River Ramblers drew large and appreciative crowds. People came and kept coming all day at the rug show and showed their enthusiasm by stuffing the donation box. Comments were extremely favorable with guests from out-of-state and all over the State of Maine.

Thanks are extended to Board member, Joan Wiebe, who chaired the event, to Mildred Cole Péladeau who curated it, and to Joe Caputo who made all the display easels, helped set up the exhibit and loaned many of his fine rugs for display.

Thanks are due to Board members Marianne and John Perry for making all the arrangement for the concert. Their coordination of all aspects made it possible for everything to come off without a hitch. The audience was full of energy with a lot of foot-stomping going on. A rough count showed over 100 persons were present. The proceeds, like the rug show donations made a good addition to the bank account. Thanks also to advisory Board member Dale Marie Potter Clark for designed the two posters for the weekend and to all those who distributed them. Flo Drake assisted by taking charge of  the bottled water table during the concert.

To the president the weekend showed what can be accomplished with volunteer help. It also made it obvious that the Meeting House needs more volunteers. If anyone is interested in helping to preserve the Brick Church get in touch with us. The membership drive for 2013-14 is still ongoing and the UMH would appreciate your financial support as it prepares to tackle the next big chore – the removal of moisture from the basement and crawl space to prevent further deterioration of the floor substructure. This will be a five-step project spread out over several years so any assistance you can lend now will help the Board take the first step this fall (hopefully).

Our thanks to Donna McCormick and family for 
donating funds to restore the Nancy Hunton Atkinson 
window. Donna’s mother was a Hunton.

The attendance at the recent events show that people care about the Brick Church. All that is needed to make the restoration and upkeep move ahead more expeditiously is additional financial support and more volunteer effort. Also, remember that the UMH is available for public use. If you wish to schedule weddings, concerts or other programs feel free to contact the Board of Directors. The two weddings held in the sanctuary this summer demonstrated that it is a most pleasing venue for such an occasion.

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