Readfield History Walkers visit UMH

twenty-three Readfield History Walkers visited Readfield Union House and
also the adjacent UMH Vestry on November 22nd
Union Meeting House directors were pleased to host the Readfield History Walkers on November 22nd. The group learned about the historical significance of the UMH building and of Charles Schumacher’s trompe l’oiel artwork. They also enjoyed seeing other features inside UMH such as the stained glass and stenciled windows. Dale Potter Clark read an address given by Rev. Costello Weston on the 100th anniversary of UMH in 1928. The address included background information  about the first 100 years of UMH and its 43 founders. Many of the building’s structural and restorative challenges have been addressed – reported UMH secretary director Milton Wright. He was also pleased to announce that all but one stained glass window has been restored. A $1,000 donation is needed for that project. Wright also shared what other restorations and repairs have been identified  and need to be addressed in the future as contributions and grants become available. History Walkers were given a tour of both the Union Meeting House and the adjacent vestry (aka John Smith Mansion house). There were 23 present – many had never seen the interior of UMH and / or the vestry and were pleased to do so.

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