November 2013 Update

With approaching cold weather the Meeting House is nearly all buttoned up for the winter. A couple of chores need to be completed, hopefully in November. The good news is that the window restorer, Joe Caputo of East Pittston, has finished his work on three more windows. The Asa and Ursula Gile , and the Rev. Carpenter Smith stained glass windows were  scraped, re-glazed, primed and painted inside and out.

The stenciled glass window that was restored years ago in memory of Mr. and Mrs, Tink Rofle was showing signs of aging and so it was repainted.  Everyone in Maine knows that anything made of wood is never totally restored; it is an ongoing chore. New interior stops were made to properly re-install it, something that had not been done at the time the work was first undertaken.

Ernest “Tink” Rolfe was Readfield Fire Chief for 34 years. 
He and his wife lived on the Winthrop Road across
from the old fire station.

With  this work completed it means that only one large window and the two small windows in the apse remain to be done. Therefore,  since 2010 – thanks to the generosity of donors –  it has been possible to completely restore fourteen windows. This is a significant improvement and would not have been possible without the magnificent outpouring of donor support. Thank you all for your continued interest in the UMH.

The Board did not move forward  as much as was hoped on resolving the dampness problem in the crawlspace and basement due to smaller than expected income from the 2013-14 membership drive. Continuing to work on this problem will be the first order of business in 2014.

If you have not renewed your membership, or wish to give an additional donation before the end of the 2013 tax year, the Board would welcome your support.

The UMH wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

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