Organ Restoration

A short while ago the UMH reported that it wanted to restore its late 19th century organ. At that time there was one wedding booked for the spring and the Board wanted the bride and her groom to walk down the aisle to the sound of organ music. Now, there is a second reservation for another wedding in the fall, so that adds to the desire to have the organ in playable condition.

Built by the Chicago Cottage Organ Co. about 1890, this organ is original to the UMH. The restorer said it is of very high quality, has a greater range than most parlor organs and deserves to be preserved. “The case is especially fine”, he says.

Some welcome donations have come in from various friends and the Board felt secure enough that the remainder of the $1,500 restoration estimate would be forthcoming by spring that it contacted the restorer and he came and took the “guts” of the organ (the keyboard, reeds and wind chamber) off to his workshop in Port Clyde. He promises to bring everything back and to reassemble the organ in its black walnut case before the spring wedding.

There is need, however, for more donations so that the full $1,500 will be on hand when the work is completed. You may send your donation to the “UMH Organ Fund” at 158 Thorp Shores, Readfield, Maine 04355.

Membership renewals are coming in nicely as a result of the mailing that went out a few months ago. The Board thanks to all who have generously “re-upped”, and thanks to a few new members. Apparently, the offer of a complimentary print of the UMH to those who signed on as a LIFE MEMBER ($250) was attractive to some individuals — we have mailed out the print to several persons who have so responded. All gifts are welcome and will add to the amount the UMH can spend this year on the floor rebuilding. From an examination of the membership renewals it appears that many of you are increasing the amount of your membership gift. The UMH is most appreciative.

At its last meeting the Board talked of different possibilities for summer programs. If you have suggestions please contact us. Are their concerts lectures, exhibits or other activities you would like to see at the Meeting House this summer? Drop us a postcard or e-mail us at: If you are a local group looking for a venue for your talents to shine we’d appreciate your dropping us a line.

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