Readfield History Walkers visit UMH

Union Meeting House directors were pleased to host the Readfield History Walkers on November 22nd. The group learned about the historical significance of the UMH building and of Charles Schumacher’s trompe l’oiel artwork. They also enjoyed seeing other features inside UMH such as the stained glass and stenciled windows. Dale Potter Clark read an address given by Rev. Costello Weston on theContinue reading “Readfield History Walkers visit UMH”

UMH “Old Vestry” Giveaway

Our board of directors has voted to give away (for free) the “Old Vestry” to anyone who will move it off the premises. This 19th century post and beam building has a meeting hall on the first floor and several small rooms on the second floor. It retains old doors and mantles. Windows are new.Continue reading “UMH “Old Vestry” Giveaway”

Spring has arrived…

We are pleased to announce we made progress last winter on repairs and restorations to the doors and some of our beautiful windows. This work has been made possible with these generous gifts: Two façade windows from the Warren Boenke memorial donations; two front doors – one from Mr. Therrien’s gift and one from Evelyn Potter’s quilt raffleContinue reading “Spring has arrived…”

February 2013 Update

Just because there is snow piled against the front door does not mean that The Union Meeting House (the Brick Church) is inactive. The stained glass in the bottom sash of the Hunton-Atkinson has been com-pleted by Stained Glass Express (a division of Oakes & Parkhurst in Manchester/Waterville) and returned to the building. The entireContinue reading “February 2013 Update”

January Board of Directors Business Meeting

The Board of Directors are meeting January 17th 6:30pm. This is a business meeting to determine / prioritize which stained and stenciled glass windows can be repaired / restored with monies in hand. There is still time to make a donation for this worthy effort! Donations can be sent to: Marius Peladeau, UMH President, 158Continue reading “January Board of Directors Business Meeting”

Please Remember Readfield Union Meeting House when Planning Your Year-End Giving…

This picture of Readfield Union Meeting House  was taken c1950 – notice the steeple and clock. Efforts are underway to preserve them now – along with the interior repairs and restorations to the invaluable trompe l’oiel artwork by Charles J. Schumacher, the stained glass and stenciled windows and more. This is a daunting task for a handful of volunteers.Continue reading “Please Remember Readfield Union Meeting House when Planning Your Year-End Giving…”