Why is the Union Meeting House on the National Register of Historic Places?

Architectural historians, scholars specializing in old buildings and the proverbial man or woman on the street can recognize that the Union Meeting House stands out from all other similar religious buildings they have visited. When it was placed on The National Register of Historic Places it was called “a handsome late Federal style brick churchContinue reading “Why is the Union Meeting House on the National Register of Historic Places?”

Some Highlights

1. Federal period historic building constructed in 1827-1828 of brick and weatherboard. 2. The only surviving Trompe l’oeil Art done by Charles J. Schumacher in the 19th century (of his 51 creations). 3. Only one other church in Maine has rare stenciled glass windows. Those at Union Meeting House are more striking in design. 4. Added to the NationalContinue reading “Some Highlights”

Trompe l’oeil and other significant features

Trompe l’oeil is French for “to fool the eye” and the walls and ceilings of the Readfield Union Meeting House, which are painted plaster, appear to be three-dimensional columns, medallions, wall plaques, arches and a receding colonnade that protrude from the walls and ceiling. They are, in truth all flat yet are so realistically paintedContinue reading “Trompe l’oeil and other significant features”

Origin of the Readfield Union Meeting House

The Union Meeting House was built in 1827-28 to accommodate a union of different faiths since not all congregations then worshipping in Readfield could afford their own building in 1827. Toward the middle of the 20th century, as different faiths built their own churches, services became less frequent. With no congregations, there was no income.Continue reading “Origin of the Readfield Union Meeting House”

Donations and Memberships

We invite you to assist in restoring this cultural landmark through your donations, gifts in kind and / or membership. We also need volunteers and would appreciate hearing from you! Donations and membership dues can be mailed to: Readfield Union Meeting House 158 Thorp Shores Readfield, Maine 04355. Membership Annual Dues: Single $25.00 Family $45.00 Student $15.00 Patron $75.00 Benefactor $100.00 Sponsor $150.00 Life Fellow $250.00 Corporate $250.00 IfContinue reading “Donations and Memberships”

Become a Member because…

Very few people belong to an organization because they get “tangible benefits.” They decide to support a worthy cause because they know the need exists. With the Union Meeting House it is a love of community and a respect for those who, in earlier times, created a unique historic entity. Think of Readfield without theContinue reading “Become a Member because…”

November 2010 ~ News & Update

Last month the UMH page in the Messenger talked about the work that started on the five most endangered windows. Thanks to a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which the Meeting House had to match, the five window casings were scraped, primed and painted for the first time in over a century.Continue reading “November 2010 ~ News & Update”

September 2010 ~ News & Updates

Our membership has been busy throughout this summer planning and holding fundraising events – proceeds will assist us towards making much needed repairs and inititating our restoration projects.  ANTIQUES APPRAISAL DAY SEPTEMBER 19 Bring all our old items for a professional appraisal at the Union Meeting House in Sunday, September 19, from 10 a.m. toContinue reading “September 2010 ~ News & Updates”

August 2010 ~ News & Updates

EMERGENCY REPAIRS COMPLETED This spring an examination of the apse at the rear of the Brick Church revealed that bricks were falling out of the top northwest corner. If this was allowed to continue the roof would have no support at that point. In addition it was found serious cracks had developed over the twoContinue reading “August 2010 ~ News & Updates”

July 2010 – News & Updates

This has been a good month for the Union Meeting House. The response to membership solicitation packet which was sent out in mid-May was encouraging results and the money people have sent in is much appreciated. Even if you did not receive a letter but wish to do so please contact us at the addressContinue reading “July 2010 – News & Updates”